Noura – Mayfair, London | مطاعم خليجيه في لندن

مطاعم خليجيه في لندن | Noura in Mayfair London

is one of the small group of Noura restaurants, serving Lebanese food that will definitely impress. Noura has an excellent reputation among Lebanese who live and travel abroad.
The minimalist bistro-style restaurant hides a surprise: downstairs lies a lounge bar where a back-lit marble bar is reflected in the regal mirror-wall opposite, and gold recesses glitter in the royal purple walls. Back upstairs, the largely traditional features lots of mouthwatering mezze and grilled meats. مطاعم خليجيه في لندن

احداثيات | Address: 16 Curzon St, Mayfair, London W1J 5HP
هاتف | Phone: 020 7495 4396

Noura Restaurant London Map

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