Benares – michelin star indian restaurant | مطعم هندي في لندن

مطعم هندي في لندن Benares – michelin star indian restaurant.

Named after India’s holy city, Benares is a temple to modern Indian dining. Based in Mayfair, London, it is where chef patron Atul Kochhar combines northern, eastern southern Indian flavours with the very best of British produce, and has held a Michelin star since 2007.
This glamorous first-floor cocktail bar stylish restaurant blend modern furnishings with traditional Indian touches. Expect Mughal-style water tanks, flowers, occasional antiques and plenty of shiny black granite. The venue attracts big spenders – suits on expense accounts, romancing couples and curious tourists. Fronted by well-known chef Atul Kochhar, the kitchen produces modern cooking in the haute-cuisine league.
The restaurant itself is dark, moody and elegant, with plenty of ornate, exotic pieces of furniture and crisp white tablecloths. Michelin star indian restaurants London. مطعم امايا لندن The main dining room seats 120, and there are two private dining rooms (one surrounded by wine bottles) and a chef’s table with a window looking into the kitchen.   مطعم هندي في لندن مطعم امايا لندن

احداثيات | Address: 12a, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6BS
هاتف | Telephone: 020 7629 8886


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